Sunday, June 14, 2015

Annea Lockwood with underwater microphone

From Annea Lockwood — observations from our day of recording on the Harbor School dock… 

"The bamboo tube hydrophone, four hydrophones really, was a lovely surprise to me, largely because I hadn't realized that the tube's resonance would add so much to the intermittent sounds we were finding, and so beautifully - what ingenuity! So it was most interesting to go back and forth listening to two different hydrophone set-ups of the same site and, as I always find with field recording, a serene experience with that twist of never being able to anticipate what sounds may pop up next. There was also a fair amount of shipping moving through Buttermilk Channel, which always makes me happy to see and hear. Vania Hinkova, a Serbian poet I met once on the Danube said that when that river was blocked to shipping, (after NATO bombed the three bridges at Novi Sad) it was as if the river had died, so deeply linked, at least to us humans, are the people and the river. "

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