Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Original Proposal

Liz Phillips: Wave Crossings create Chladni Figures in this wave, sound and site-specific installation.The audience/participants explore, creating patterns that amplify and reinforce the sonic architecture of the chapel. Multi-channel simultaneous recordings from the waters around the Island create the sound and signal material for the installation. Movement is sensed using ultrasonics and telemetry systems to create an ever-changing dynamic water and soundscape.  

THE STAINED GLASS / WAVE TABLES-  The changing light from the three sides of stain glass windows and the waves in the table. They mix as projected and reflected light and changes in the sound in the church through processing.
Chladni figures appear like live script being written in illuminations on the Wavetable, a surface of water modulated with sub audio and audio..

THE MIX—LISTENING – Light shifts as well as movement within and is harnessed to change the sound. 
Listening, like in a rowboat, we are immersed in deep sonic patterns.Many sounds begin and end like waves rolling in with great force and shape. 
The sound palette (with filters, transposition, synthesis and live processing) will vary, with deeply resonant voices, configuring and reconfiguring.

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