Tuesday, June 9, 2015

WAVE CROSSINGS 2015 by Liz Phillips

"Wave Crossings” creates Chladni Figures in this wave, sound and site-specific installation. Harvestworks is sponsoring this Governors Island installation and its online presence. Liz Phillips has received a NYSCA Individual Artists commission through Harvestworks for this work for 2015. "Wave Crossings" uses our full senses and telemetry systems (of sensors) to explore, amplify and reinforce the sonic architecture of a chapel (Cornelius) with the waterscape of the Island. 
This is one of two Wavetables. The surface vibrates into Chladni patterns. We are recording the harbor sound and tides from three places on the island to playback through Ohm Acoustics  omnidirectional speakers and homemade speaker objects (shells and bamboo and paper) located within the church.                                                      

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